Google Merchant Center

Google Merchant Center lets millions of people discover, explore, and buy your products and gives you different ways to get the right products to the right customers.

The primary goal of the Google Merchant Center is to allow businesses to upload and maintain product information, including pictures and pricing, to be displayed in relevant Google Shopping searches.

You will need a Google Account to set up a Merchant Center Account.

You can use it if you already have an account (such as a Gmail account or a Google My Business account). Then you need to provide Google with your online shop information, including business name, physical address, customer service contact, shop domain, and a couple more basic information. You also need to provide your product information in a format that meets Google’s feed requirements.

Some of the attributes you must include for each product in your data feed are a unique product ID, title, a link to the product on your website, the price, an image for the product, and a description.

Once your feed is set up, you can submit it to Google Merchant Center.

To maintain your product’s ‘Active’ status and run ads continuously, you have to submit your product data every 30 days, although you should do it more often if the data in your feed changes. This includes when you add new products, remove old ones, items go out of stock, price changes, sales, etc. You can update your feed as often as four times a day.

To run Shopping Ads, you must link your Google Merchant Center account to your Google Ads account. Google Merchant Center account is free to set up and use. While you can utilize it exclusively for free product listings on Google Shopping, the primary reason for having a GMC account is to run Shopping ads (a paid form of product advertisement.) You will be billed via your Google Ads account if you run Google Shopping ads.

The Merchant Center account entails one significant benefit: it is a gateway to advertising your products with Google Shopping. It allows you to store essential product information to generate and serve your product ads to potential customers. Without Google Merchant Center (GMC), your products will not appear on Google Shopping. Also, you cannot create Product Ads unless you add sufficient product information to your GMC account. If you sell products directly to consumers, Google Merchant Center is one of the tools you need, and it should be an integral part of your overall digital marketing strategy.


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