Dance to the algorithms!

Our philosophy is not to make better algorithms than Google and other tech developers but to use their algorithms to the max and make sure they have all the data they need to boost your advertising.

In other words, we’ll help Google outperform Google.

We’ve got you covered​

Bye bye
Ad Manager

A lot is already automated within Google, but your accounts still need some tender love to peak their performance. Let our robot take care of all the tedious details crucial to your campaign’s success.

So, free up your resources and apply them where they’ll have the most impact.

The tedious details:


Our robot analyzes millions of keywords continuously and never stops. It’s also trend-sensitive and picks up new and seasonal keywords automatically. Where we’re going, you won’t need spreadsheets.

Performance max

Our robot will help you automate the entire process of finding the best combinations of audiences, based on your products, images, texts or videos for your ads. Top up your Performance Max campaign with Standard Shopping for even better conversion.

Standard shopping

Google doesn’t risk anything on automated campaigns in its attempt to focus on performance, but may not show them if the performance is too low. The solution for this is to drive a catch-all campaign that is not built on audience-first data. Performance Max doesn’t serve products with our data, standard shopping is used to get the first clicks.

YouTube & Display

Be visible on more channels using the same strengths of automation that we offer on all other channels. Display can be a powerful upper funnel channel for those who need it, while video content can engage users more effectively.


The perpetual wheel of optimization

Amanda AI optimizes your digital marketing with its smart algorithms in a three-step process. All day. Every day. Set your advertising budget and let our AI robot do everything else.

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