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Amanda AI offers a unique AI solution for digital advertising. We remove the hassle of setting up, running and optimizing online ads, currently supporting Google, Meta and Bing.

Why AI?
Adding AI to your digital advertising strategy will save time and increase cost-effectiveness by removing the hands-on work required to always stay on top of your competition. Keywords, ads, bids, audiences, and budgets are constantly tested and optimized entirely based on the highest probability of conversion and always progressed towards your preferred goals, such as CPA or ROAS.

The story
Founded by Torkel Öhman and Göran Palm in 2018, Amanda AI was born out of dissatisfaction with the available digital marketing solutions, along with a firm belief that SEM and paid social would be perfect for automation. Since then, Amanda AI has grown enormously in both turnover and personnel, and the advertising spend that goes through Amanda AI doubled. Today we help over 300 businesses with their advertising on Google, Meta and Bing.

In the recent year we’ve been focused on further developing the software to be able to add more channels in the future such as Linkedin and Amazon to name a few. We’re also proud to be the first company in the world to launch an automated service for both Google and Meta. It’s now easier than ever to advertise with Amanda AI, and we currently run ads in over 50 markets. In addition to added channels and increased growth, we have proven that our software is the market leader, and we see great interest in automated advertising globally. 

Lastly, we just hit the benchmark of 5 billion optimizations combined for all our customers which means that if a human did what we do, around the clock, it would take them 9,506 years to get where we are. It took our robot about four years.

Amanda AI in short


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Carl-Magnus Lind
Digital Marketing Analyst
Cristian Mittag
Head of Sales
Einar Stenback
Client Product Advisor
Emil Ericson
Customer Success Manager
Erik Pira
Tech Lead
Filip Jönne
Customer Success Manager
Göran Palm
CEO & Co-founder
Iris Vuoriniemi
Manager Customer Success Team
James McDonough
Digital Marketing Analyst
Johanna Dentler
Marketing & Operations Manager
Karolin Nordstedt
Client Product Advisor
Linnea Vikström
Customer Success Manager
Louise Andersson
Client Product Advisor
Lucas Hejll
Client Product Advisor
Markus Thorén
Growth Marketer
Maximilian Agdur
Backend Developer
Michaela Johansson
Customer Success Manager
Niklas Marklund
Head of Analytics
Oliver Carlberg
Partnership Manager
Olle Rönnbäck
Backend Developer
Oscar Sherlock
Backend Developer
Stellan Särnblom
Señor Developer
Torkel Öhman
CTO & Co-founder
Zara Baghdasaryan
Backend Developer

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