Will you invoice me for my ad spend on Meta and Google as well as Amanda AI’s monthly fee?

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We won't invoice you for your ad spend; it's paid through Google, Meta, or Bing, just like you normally would.

We won’t invoice you for your ad spend; it’s paid through Google, Meta, or Bing, just like you normally would. The only invoice we send is the monthly fee for using Amanda AI and any additional cost for setting up additional markets or channels that you might have chosen to add to Amanda AI.

You can run ads in any market the platforms support, and you can always add more channels like Bing or Meta.

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I want to run ads in more than one market, how does that affect what Amanda AI charge me?

As we involve humans across teams across the company, we take a fixed fee of €500 per market per channel to set up new markets. If you want to set up many markets simultaneous, contact us for a quote.

I want to run several markets, how will you invoice me?

We’ll add all your payments to one monthly invoice, including all markets and channels. We don’t invoice for your advertising spend, this is paid through the platform as you usually would.

What happens if my ad spend is more than my current price plan?

You’ll automatically transfer price plan if your ad spend changes from month to month.

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