My Client Center (MCC)

My Client Center, commonly known as an MCC, is an overall account used to manage multiple Google Ads accounts without having to constantly log in and out of each individual Google Ads account. It features a linking system that allows regular accounts to be connected to this single “umbrella” account without login details ever having to be exchanged.

It is a powerful tool when the management of multiple accounts is required. Ideally, it is useful for large advertisers who have more than one Google Ads account, but it is commonly used by third-party agencies who manage accounts for a number of their personal clients.

Key features include the ability to view information for all managed accounts in one place, manage those accounts with ease due to using a single login, and also run reports across all accounts at once.

If you are currently wasting time and becoming frustrated due to having to switch between accounts all the time, then using MCC can definitely make life easier. For example, an SEM company would have a hard time operating without using an MCC when there are multiple accounts belonging to clients that need to be managed.