Introducing Amanda AI for Meta

Introducing fewer headaches for you with Amanda AI for Meta — a fully automated solution for ads on the Meta platform.

Are you tired of creating and managing ad campaigns on different advertising platforms and having your budget torn between them all? We’re introducing fewer headaches for you with our latest addition — Amanda AI for Meta — a fully automated solution for ads on the Meta platform, including Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Whatsapp and the audience network.

Our machine will automatically create, optimize and manage all of your ads so that all you have to do is set the total budget and get back to business. (We don’t blame you if that business is coffee and searching for out-of-the-ordinary vacation homes on Airbnb.)

You can set the budget however you like. You either go for a total budget that should be spent on Google, Facebook, and Instagram or split them into separate piles. Either way, we’ve made it easy for Amanda to work with whatever you decide is better for your business.

What you get with Amanda AI for Meta:

  • Automatic campaign creation
  • Ad creation based on your webpage and/or a shared folder with assets
  • Audience creation, testing & optimization
  • Automatic lookalike creation
  • Campaign structure with separated remarketing & prospecting
  • Budget management between campaigns
  • Budget management between days for optimal results
  • Optimization based on Google Analytics

We’ve been running Amanda AI for Meta with over 20 businesses during the last six months with great results. Are you game to make your advertising less time-consuming and ready to introduce Meta to your already automized SEM strategy?

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