Introducing Amanda AI for Bing

If you're looking for a way to increase your reach and drive more traffic to your website, Bing may be the answer and the perfect complement to your already automated Google ads.

Bing is an advertising platform that boasts a wide array of marketing opportunities. They provide targeting options to reach the right audience to increase your visibility and website conversions, with over 1 billion visitors every month. 

As always with Amanda AI, the automated Bing campaigns are optimized daily to deliver the best results. We divide a set budget based on their performance so that all campaigns get a fair shot at success. There is no minimum spend, but for us to optimize, clicks and conversions are required, which will be gathered much faster if you spend a little more.

The great thing about Amanda AI is that our philosophy is not to make better algorithms than Bing and other advertising platforms but to use their algorithms to the max and ensure they have all the data they need to boost your ads. Using all historical account data from your Google ads with Amanda AI, we can quickly help you maximize your Bing ads with very few human hours. Better for you, better for the ads. 


We offer 6 types of campaigns on Bing: 

  • Standard search ads
  • Dynamic search ads (DSA)
  • Brand campaigns
  • Pure brand campaigns
  • Standard shopping
  • Smart shopping


Contact us today to learn more about how Bing can help you convert more and be the perfect complement to your already automatic ads with Amanda AI on Google.

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