Case study: a business model made for search engines

BraByggare, an online platform that connects people with carpenters and builders, used their overwhelmingly large pool of keywords to their advantage — and increased requests by 55% in only three months.


Anyone who’s ever had to look for a carpenter or builder knows that the first thing you do is pull up your phone and start typing away on a search engine. Reviews, ratings, expertise, and proximity — it’s all there within seconds. This relatively new (but deeply ingrained) customer behavior was BraByggare’s golden ticket to faster growth and a higher conversion rate.

However, capitalizing on the opportunity wasn’t as easy as it sounds. Despite a good strategy, BraByggare’s presence in the search results didn’t improve all that much. So in July 2019, the company started collaborating with Amanda AI to uncover the missing link.



The SEM strategy for a business like BraByggare is a volume game; construction and carpeting together stand for countless different tasks, methods, and professional titles. On top of that, people usually prefer businesses in their proximity, which adds another universe of local keywords to the mix.

This gave us the recipe for a straightforward strategy. We started to test unique combinations of professional words and regional names. The aim was to find the ideal keywords on which to spend the majority of BraByggare’s marketing budget. This is somewhat of a no-brainer amongst digital marketers, but what sets Amanda AI apart in this situation is the almost incomprehensible volume — in just three months, our algorithms made 184,185 keyword optimizations on the account.


After the trial period of three months, BraByggare increased their leads by 55% and decreased their cost per lead by 22%. 

And as we continue to single-handedly run the company’s SEM marketing, the results will only improve as our AI keeps learning what keyword combinations work best. This intense optimization will provide increasingly more breathing space between BraByggare and their competitors — and put them on top of each and every related search.


Download the case study with BraByggare here (pdf).

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