Case study: a bold bet on new technology that paid off

Gina Tricot, a popular Swedish fashion brand, took a chance on our novel AI-based technology — and increased their ROAS by 262% in just six months.


Like many fashion brands around the world, Gina Tricot felt the challenges of adapting to — and thriving in — the competitive space of e-commerce. Sure, the customer journey is easier than ever, but when it comes to actually getting customers to visit your store, the traditional mall may seem like a walk in the park compared to the frontiers of online shopping.

In 2019, Gina Tricot decided it was time to reinvent their search strategy and struck a partnership with Amanda AI. Not because there was anything evidently wrong with their current one, but because they knew they could do better.




As the fashion industry is becoming increasingly competitive, the prices for relevant generic keywords are staggering. This led Gina Tricot to aim for cheaper, brand-related keywords, a sound strategy in order to own your own brand, but far less effective in terms of attracting new customers (that don’t specifically search for Gina Tricot).


Our first and biggest strategic shift was to move away from the low-hanging fruits of brand-related keywords and instead go for the most generic (and popular) ones out there. The challenge was to find equally effective but less expensive variations. This is something that manually would require an enormous amount of time and money, but thanks to our algorithms, we could efficiently pick the most generic keywords in different combinations and analyze them in the millions.



Our strategy worked incredibly well, and Gina Tricot’s bet paid off. In the first month, they experienced an 89% increase in ROAS in the second biggest market. And after a fast expansion to four other markets, the average ROAS had increased by 262% compared to the year before. And what’s more, we managed to decrease the total brand cost by 91%.


The numbers alone make a clear case, but an equally important benefit of our AI-based approach is the freed-up mental space of the marketing team. With the practicalities in the safe algorithms of Amanda AI, they can now focus wholeheartedly on more strategic work — and dedicate more efforts to their expansion in Europe.


Download the Gina Tricot case here (pdf).

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