Expected click-through rate

Expected click-through rate (eCTR) is a keyword status that measures how likely your ads will get clicked when shown for that keyword, irrespective of your ad’s position, extensions, and other ad formats that may affect the prominence and visibility of your ads.

This status predicts whether your keyword will likely lead to a click on your ads. Google Ads considers how well your keyword has performed before, based on your ad’s position. The expected click-through rate (eCTR) that Google Ads provides for a keyword in your account is an estimate based on the assumption that the search term will match that keyword exactly.

At auction time (when someone’s search terms trigger one of your ads), Google Ads calculates a more accurate expected CTR based on the search terms, type of device, and other auction-time factors. You can get three possible statuses: above average, average, or below average.

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