Attribution models

On the path to conversion, customers may do multiple searches and interact with various ads from the same advertiser. Attribution models solve a problem by letting you choose how much credit each ad interaction gets for your conversions.

Attribution modeling is essentially a framework for analyzing which touchpoints, or marketing channels, receive credit for a conversion. Each attribution model distributes the value of conversion across each touchpoint differently.

Attribution models can better understand how your ads perform and can help you optimize conversion journeys.

Most advertisers measure the success of their online advertising on a “last click” basis. This means they give all the credit for a conversion to the last clicked ad and corresponding keyword. However, this ignores the other ad interactions customers may have had along the way.

Attribution models give you more control over how much credit each ad interaction gets for your conversions.

This allows you to:

  • Reach customers earlier in the purchase cycle
  • Find opportunities to influence customers earlier on their path to conversion
  • Use a model that works best for how people search for what you offer
  • Improve your bidding and optimize your bids based on a better understanding of how your ads perform
  • There are several types of attribution models, and the six most common ones are:
  • First Interaction
  • Last Interaction
  • Last Non-Direct Click
  • Linear
  • Time-Decay
  • Position-Based


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