How e-commerce stores can drive sales with AI

E-Commerce sales have grown dramatically over the last decade. At the start of 2010, they accounted for around 5% of total product sales.

During the pandemic, market share tripled to approximately 16%. Forecasts suggest this number will rise to about 25% by 2025.

It’s clear that customers are becoming accustomed to buying online. While in-person sales will always be significant, the next generation of consumers is very comfortable purchasing items over the internet. The opportunity and revenues are there, but to grab a slice of the pie, E-commerce stores need to outwork their competitors.

That’s where AI comes in.


How AI Can Help E-Commerce Stores Drive Sales

Most E-Commerce stores stock a lot of products. Managing and optimizing your online shop takes a lot of work hours. You’ve got photos to take, copy to write, and keywords to research. And all of that is before you manage stock, deal with suppliers, and fulfill orders.

E-Commerce margins can be pretty small. Employing staff members to help deal with marketing, fulfillment, and administration isn’t an option for many stores, which is where sophisticated automation tools can help.

Manually managing sales and advertisements is a big task for most E-Commerce owners. However, Amanda AI is like hiring a marketing and advertising team. It works across the Google, Facebook, and Instagram platforms to optimize your customer outreach in the most efficient and impactful way.

Here is how Amanda AI can revolutionize your approach.

#1. Crawl Your Website and Find New Products

Setting up ad campaigns is a laborious process. Deciding on which products to promote — and how to promote them — takes a little bit of knowledge and a whole lot of trial and error.

Amanda AI takes care of this time-consuming work by indexing your site every day and building a shopping feed from your products. For busy E-Commerce stores with lots of different items for sale, this can save an incredible amount of time.

Scanning every day means that new products are immediately added to your ads across various platforms. Additionally, Amanda AI will identify products that are out of stock, which means that you’ll only pay for ads on products that have a chance of turning into sales.

#2. Test New Markets

E-Commerce is a global industry. The internet has made the world smaller, and shoppers are prepared to order from wherever they can to get the goods they want.

One way to outwork your competitors is to move into regions and territories they don’t serve. However, language can be a barrier.

Amanda AI supports up to 60 languages. We can help you open up your products to the vast global audiences that exist on Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

#3. Automatic Keyword Generation

Keywords are a great way to connect your products with an audience. However, the most efficient terms change over time as other businesses target them or the way customers talk about products evolves.

Automatic keyword generation helps you stay on top of this important information without spending late nights pouring over search terms and data. Amanda AI compiles lists of keywords and connects them to your products, meaning your ROI for advertising improves considerably.


#4. Use the Images You Want

Amanda AI’s automated marketing tools can comb your site and pull out product images. It can use these pictures to build visual ads to promote your E-Commerce products.

However, some stores prefer to advertise their products in different ways. For example, you might want to overlay pricing information or other text. Alternatively, you may choose to use custom images that demonstrate the product.

Whatever your preference, Amanda AI has the flexibility to cover any approach. You can load custom-made images into a preferred folder, and we can use these to build the ad copy that we serve across a variety of digital channels.

Or, if you just want your products to speak for themselves, we’ll use the images as they are on your website. You maintain complete control; we’ll do the heavy lifting.


#5. You Decide The Goals, We Just Execute Them

Customer acquisition costs are constantly going up. An advertising budget that doesn’t produce a good ROI will get quickly swallowed up and can leave you entirely reliant on organic traffic and brand loyalty to drive sales.

Getting the most out of your digital marketing efforts requires a lot of effort. Understanding how to allocate advertising spend doesn’t come naturally to most E-Commerce owners. Having access to search terms and customer data is one thing, but knowing how to get the most from isn’t always obvious.

However, one thing that most E-Commerce store owners understand is their goals. The most popular metric is ROAS or Return on Advertising Spend. Simply put, this is a measurement of what return you get from each advertisement dollar.

Budgets are tight, and competition is fierce. You want to have an idea of what you can expect from your marketing spend. Amanda AI can optimize your campaigns towards your marketing goals, like ROAS, enhanced conversions, cost per sales or acquisition, or reach and engagement.



Amanda AI helps E-Commerce brands advertise on Google, Instagram, and Facebook. By automating your marketing efforts, our sophisticated AI serves ads to consumers at the right time and at the right point in their customer journey.

We take away the hassle of manually creating ads by crawling your site and building copy and content from your existing materials. From here, we design and test ad variants across digital channels and constantly optimize them to ensure they’re effective.

Additionally, our self-learning keyword generation tool crunches the data to ensure that your products connect with interested consumers. Personalized ads that take into account a variety of parameters, including seasonal factors, mean that your ads are served at the best time to get results.

We also handle your bids for advertising space, ensuring that your budget is used responsibly and effectively over all your digital channels.

If you want to find out more about how Amanda AI can help optimize your E-Commerce store, get in touch today to book a meeting.

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