Everything you need to know about Amanda AI for Meta

Amanda AI for Meta is an extension of our existing Google Ads offer. It allows marketing teams to enhance conversions over the two most popular internet ad networks.

If you’re already running automated ads for Google but want to reach a broader range of customers, Amanda AI for Meta could be just what you’re looking for. Combined with Google, it gives you coverage over the two biggest advertising channels and increases your chances of generating sales, leads, and conversions. 

 Amanda AI for Meta is an add-on to our Google service. It’s an efficient way to spread your overall ad budget across both platforms and find the audience and placements that best suit your product.  

 While both platforms have a large audience crossover, many customers only use Meta or Google properties. Combining both products means you have appropriate coverage across a larger part of the sales funnel. Additionally, it’s an opportunity to provide more touchpoints for your product or service, which means you can put it in front of more people. 

 Let’s explore the benefits of Amanda AI for your marketing strategy. 

Benefits of Amanda AI for Google and Meta 

Amanda AI for Google and Meta is the best way to reach a comprehensive audience. Google dominates the search engine market and answers over 90% of searches worldwide. That translates to over 4 billion people. Meta, on the other hand, reaches almost 3 billion people across different properties like Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and the audience network. 

 While that accounts for a combined number of 7 billion people, as we mentioned earlier, there is a significant crossover between both user bases. Even accounting for crossover, we’re still talking about many prospective users you can target. 

Benefits of our advertising robot 

Amanda AI for Meta gives you access to three high-volume Meta properties. They are: 

  • Facebook 
  • Instagram
  • Messenger 
  • Audience Network 

Between these three properties, you can find a broad and varied audience. You can reach your target audience by leveraging granular targeting options and flexible campaign objectives within Meta Ads. 

The benefits of Amanda AI for Meta

Amanda AI for Meta has several benefits for teams that want to improve the overall effectiveness of their sales and marketing budgets. Here is how it helps you get your products in front of the prospects that matter so that your ads can make the maximum impact. 

 Amanda AI for Meta helps you: 

  • Save time by automating the ad creation process by scraping your site for creatives, copy, prices, and product categories and using this data to build ads for Meta properties. 
  • Create product catalogs in seconds, reducing the workload on your marketing team.
  • Automate budget allocation between campaigns and platforms, saving guesswork and wasted budget.
  • Reduce the learning phase involved in grappling with Meta, freeing your staff for more value-driven work that can impact other areas of your marketing. 
  • Audience overlap is a significant problem when running different campaigns within one platform and across various ad platforms. Amanda AI for Meta reduces these issues, meaning you aren’t wasting your budget targeting the same prospects, allowing you to boost your targeting efficiency. 
  • Switching between various pixel events saves marketing teams from creating new ad groups, saving more time. 

 Overall, Amanda AI for Meta excels because it lightens marketing teams’ workloads while improving your ad performance well beyond what you can achieve on your own. 

Why Amanda AI beats manual advertising? 

Traditional, manual ad creation and management give marketing teams much control. And while that has some undoubted appeal, it also brings its problems. The two main issues are: 

  • More work 
  • Lower ad performance 
  • Reduced ROI and ROAS

Creating, managing, and setting up ads means significant legwork. It also carries a learning curve that your teams must overcome. That would be justifiable if it meant better ad performance and results. However, research shows that’s not the case. 

Amanda AI saves you much time while improving your sales, conversions, leads, and so on. It offers the best of both worlds by reducing your time, and budget investments without compromising on the return on ad spend (ROAS). 

What is the Amanda AI for Meta workflow? 

To get the maximum ROI and ROAS from your Meta ad performance, Amanda AI approaches the problem differently. 

Our robot creates two campaigns: One that focuses on traffic and the other on conversions. 

Amanda AI uses audiences that are based on the following: 

  • Engagement 
  • Lookalikes 
  • Pixel 

Between these three categories, we exclude any overlapping audiences and switch between event pixels, meaning you don’t need to create new ad groups — which saves you necessary labor. 


However, the most crucial part is that it provides a way to measure campaign results more effectively. We don’t optimize your campaigns based on Meta Ad results. Instead, our performance-driven robot looks at your unique business goals and objectives and adjusts and adapts your campaigns based on ROI and ROAS in Google Analytics. 

Instead of having to pour over metrics and diving some meaning from the data, Amanda AI for Meta allows our users to sit back and look at the overall results of their Google and Meta Ads. 

Time is precious. You don’t need to be a mechanic to drive a high-performance car. So just put your foot on the pedal and get to where you need to be with Amanda AI. 


Amanda AI for Meta is an extension of our existing Google Ads product. It augments your current automated ad delivery setup and allows you to bring your conversions to the next level. 

When paired with Google Ads, Amanda AI for Meta extends your reach, increases touchpoints on the user journey, and helps you get the most from your marketing budget. Get in touch today to talk about how it can help your business improve the efficiency of your sales outreach. 

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