The art of link building

Backlink building can be a good SEO strategy to increase your website's visibility and reach more people. But how do you go about it?

You can view online marketing as a science or an art, as the title suggests. It can be intuitive in some ways and rigid as science in others. If you get it right, it will reward you with many visitors and conversions, but if you don’t, your page will lay dormant and barren for all itineraries. Backlink building can be a good SEO strategy to increase your website’s visibility and reach more people. But how do you go about it?

Backlinking is the process of linking to and being linked to by other websites on your page’s content to gain an elevated spot on SERPs. This helps indicate to Google that your content is trustworthy and should be made visible to more searchers. Rewarding you with more visitors and leading to more conversions on your website.

But is backlinking as easy as linking to multiple pages and getting links from other pages? And if it’s so effective, why don’t more websites do it? In this article, we will look at what is a good website, link building and why you need backlinks.

So if you’re ready to get your search engine on, say your keyword and keep reading to learn more.


What is a Good Website?

A good website is a site that takes into consideration design principles such as functionality, simplicity, colors, and typography. In addition, it takes into account imagery, consistency, and marketing practices to present a good user experience to its visitors. It makes it simple to navigate pages, load, and access information.

Many factors add to the perception of a website, how it builds trust and leads visitors to take action. A good design optimizes a website for usability and conveys the primary business goals. It makes it easy for visitors to locate relevant information and take necessary actions to satisfy their needs.

A good website has a purpose and a need it fulfills in the marketplace. It helps a specific target audience access information, solve a problem or provide a congress place for like-minded individuals. One of the attributes that separate a good website from one that’s not is that it has a defined role it plays.

Keeping in mind these factors as you design your website will help you create the most effective site. Using the correct type of SEO and marketing strategies such as backlinking will ensure your site is visible to your audience and effective as a business tool.


Why you Need Backlinks

Ranking high on search results, preferably the first page of the search results, is the holy grail of good SEO and marketing strategies. Having a good site with good content is the first step to gaining a good ranking on google. But as with most things, a combination of SEO strategies is a more effective way to achieve a high ranking faster. And one simple way is by building backlinks.

Building backlinks is the process of getting other credible websites to link back to the content on your pages as a source or an added resource. Search engines value quality over most other factors and other sites linking to yours indicate that your site is credible and trustworthy. Helping you gain a high ranking on search results.

It is good to note that trying to game search engines by adding backlinks to your site is not a good strategy for ranking your content high. Search engines review the quality of the content on the pages linking back to you to determine their credibility. If the content is not of good quality and not credible, the sites are penalized as well as yours.

A better backlinking strategy would be to get a few credible sites in the same niche as your site to link back to your content. You should also link back to their sites to drive relevant traffic in the same circles for mutual benefit. Search engines will pick up on this type of ecosystem and reward your pages with a better ranking on search results in your niche.


How Backlinks Affect Your Ranking

Backlinks are like a vote of confidence from other sites. They signal that your site’s content is good, and visitors should look at it. On the other hand, search engines look at this type of “social validation” as an indication that the content on your pages is good. They, in turn, prioritize your content and make it visible to searchers looking for such information.

To put everything into context, the more links you receive from credible sites, the more credible your content will seem to search engines. The higher the ranking you will receive, and the more page views you will receive.

The anchor text used to link to your site will also indicate to Search engines what your page is about and help your page in the indexing process. Indexing is the process search engines use to identify what content exists on different pages and what types of searches are relevant to it. Backlinks assist search engines in this aspect and are critical to getting the correct index.

Search engines also use alternate text on the linking pages to better understand the content on your page. It is assumed that pages link to similar content on other pages that satisfy almost the exact needs. If an older domain links to a new one or vice verser, search engines will use what they know about the other page and apply it to the new one.

This makes it easy to index new content, build credibility, and improve SERPs. It will also build your domain’s authority and improve your ranking.



Getting the perfect strategy for your website remains to be a challenge. But using tools such as backlinks will help you get your content in front of audiences more effectively than most strategies. So use backlinks to boost your content, and remember to use them well as recommended.

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