5 tips to optimize your holiday ads

Haven’t started your ad campaigns for the holidays? No worries! To help you get started, we’ll discuss a few ways to optimize your ads this holiday season with more relevant ad placements, better return on ad spend, and hit your December goals with ease.

1. Start your holiday ad planning early

The sooner your ads run, the more time shoppers have to view your product (and increase your bottom line.)

Though the past few years have been difficult, shoppers continue to buy online–in fact, more than ever. Though the pandemic has slowed things down a bit from previous years, in 2022, global online sales growth is still expected to increase by 10% from 2021.

The use of automated digital platforms like ours helps marketers quickly pivot when needed. Our customers can effortlessly switch gears from their regular ad campaigns into festive holiday content with a little help from our algorithms. Our advertising robot use machine learning to create campaigns that always convert, making it easier for you to plan for your well-deserved time away from the office at the end of the year.


2. Set measurable, achievable ad goals

Goals are always important for holiday ads, helping your advertising and sales teams set realistic expectations for the current year and providing benchmarks for future campaigns. Luckily, goal setting isn’t that complicated once you’ve identified what to achieve during the holiday season to meet your revenue goals.

Track and create goals and KPIs that are measurable and realistic.

  • Overall sales via physical stores and online sales
  • Total sales for each product or product line
  • How much additional web traffic received over the holidays
  • Sales or web traffic by channel (social platform, website, more)
  • Etc.

By the way, it’s even easier to mine and analyze all that data when using a robust ad solution featuring algorithms like ours. When you use our AI, you’ll always have access to the data you need. Our robot helps you keep track of the most important data.


3. Use advertising messaging that’s emotional, with holiday cheer

Now is the time to get creative with your advertising. Create ad copy that evokes for audiences the spirit and emotion of the season. You also may need to tailor ad messaging for some specific channels or media platforms. For example, Google, Facebook, and Bing each have large audiences, but some may use one or more of these channels more than others.

  • Use ad messaging that fits the season.
  • Personalization is bigger than ever; customize copy and CTAs to target audiences.
  • Use keywords and phrases specific to the holidays.
  • Show gratitude to existing customers for purchasing your product, viewing content, and more.

Our digital advertising solution creates content that converts, working with Google, Meta, and Bing to ensure our ad platform users have access to the largest audiences.


Strong CTAs are more important than ever during the holidays

Now that you have ad content to put shoppers in the holiday mood make it easy for them to purchase. Your call to action (CTA) should be clear and easy to understand with active verbs. “Buy.” “Shop.” “Click.”


Use retargeting and remarketing strategies

Implement retargeting campaigns to remind shoppers with abandoned carts to finish their purchases and remarketing campaigns for visitors who haven’t shopped on your site in a while.

Once again, use clear, specific CTAs tailored to these campaigns, like “Don’t forget your purchase” and more.

Our ad robots can create retargeting campaigns, including content. Our ad robots effortlessly create messaging reminding shoppers about products and services still in abandoned carts.

Tailor messaging for different platforms, and media channels for better results

Each platform is different. For example, Meta attracts different audiences than other social media platforms. And while Google is the most popular web browser globally, Microsoft Bing is the second most popular browser in Europe, with billions of searches each month on the browser. Different demographics may favor each channel, and each ad platform, may have larger audiences in different geographic regions, so utilizing customized messaging is a plus.


Optimize ads for mobile

Don’t forget to create ads that work well on mobile. In Europe, almost half of residents have left traditional computers behind, using mobile devices to get online; meanwhile, over half of the e-commerce sales in the U.S. come from mobile devices. And when it comes to other demographics like age, Gen Z and Millennials generally use mobile more than Gen X and Boomers for your buying.

Whichever group(s) is your audience, regardless of age, race, gender, education, etc., you’ll want to use a digital advertising solution like ours. Our algorithms are built to autonomously personalize, tailor content, and distribute ad spend to the right audience.


4. Review holiday ad data promptly

After the holidays, don’t forget to review your results and begin planning for the “next” holiday season.

How effective were the campaigns? Did you meet your goals? Looking at holiday ad results sooner than later helps you plan not just for holidays but for the rest of your year’s revenue.

Numbers to look at include:

  • Sales from paid search
  • Organic web traffic
  • CPC
  • CPI
  • Individual channel conversion rates
  • Landing page performance


5. Automate your business’ entire digital ad process with Amanda AI

So, your ad materials are ready; now what? Well, if you use our powerful ad robots, the rest is a snap.

We’ve already talked about some of the tasks you can automate, like planning, setting goals, messaging, and data collection how our algorithms use AI and machine learning to automate everything from ad budgets to content creation to testing.

But why would you want digital advertising that does everything for you, anyway?

Yeah, right.


Time is money, and automation saves time (and money)

We know that you know that time is precious, especially with the holidays coming.

At Amanda AI, we offer unique digital advertising solutions for busy people like you. Our system, built using machine learning and robust AI, supports your campaigns on Google, Meta, and Microsoft Bing ad platforms. Our robots use machine learning to allocate your advertising budget for the best results—placing ads, optimizing, curating/creating content, testing, etc.

Be more productive

Our ad robots can handle most common advertising tasks from A-Z, all autonomously.

  • Our advertising AI robot crawls your website, collecting text, images, and pricing to automatically create and place unique ads on Google, Bing, and Meta.
  • The algorithm continuously runs tests, creating different messaging and placements to home in on which ad combinations work best.
  • Powered by AI and machine learning, our algorithms will distribute ad spending across different platforms and campaigns based on the data it collects.

The result is that you get the best digital advertising available. Ad placements that convert—that are tested, optimized and automatically implemented using AI technology.

The speed of our algorithmic advertising solutions gives your business a competitive advantage while freeing you up to focus on other critical tasks. But even though our algorithms work for you, you retain full control of your ad campaigns. You can track clicks and conversions, make adjustments, and access results. Keep an eye on your campaigns, logging in whenever you want using our convenient customer portal from the comfort of your office or home—in less time than it’ll take to book your holiday travel.

Use our ad robot, not just because it’s easier, though; yes, having one system handle your entire campaign with the help of machine learning will certainly increase your productivity.

But what’s important — our robot will let you leave the work in the office where it belongs.

Take it easy this holiday while still taking care of business with our advertising robot

Going home for the holidays? While you’re away, our autonomous ad robots will get the job done, working with Meta, Google, and Bing and leaving you free to do other things. If you wish, you can check out our easy-to-use interface to track results, make adjustments, and more—while you wait for dinner to come out of the oven (or not, it’s up to you.) So, go ahead. Celebrate with loved ones. And let our ad robots do the heavy lifting this year. Contact us to learn more or watch one of our videos.

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