Why AI is the superhero in digital marketing

The mention of artificial intelligence (AI) brings to mind the images of futuristic robots borne from science fiction, blockbuster movies, and intellectual speculation. But AI can do more than just entertain us — it can also ensure your digital ad campaigns are successful.

Having a great product or service isn’t enough anymore. Today’s digital marketing space is hugely competitive. You need to make smart, data-driven decisions based on your existing digital marketing performance if you want success. Additionally, you need to optimize your campaigns to improve your results — every day, all the time.

With so many search options and categories, it takes a truly superhuman effort to optimize your digital advertising. At Amanda AI, we want to eliminate the time-consuming and tedious task of running thousands of experiments by doing the work for you.

Our solution helps you boost your team with a brilliant AI designed for the mind-numbing work of testing, evaluating, and adjusting your digital marketing. We perform up to 5 million optimizations per day, meaning you can serve the most effective ads to the right audiences.

Outspending your competitors isn’t sustainable or possible for most organizations. Amanda AI can help you make smart, data-backed decisions that give you an edge on your competitors and beat them to the punch.

AI that learns with every impression

At Amanda AI, we don’t use attribution tracking. Instead, we employ an impact-driven effect model. This process means we’re not dependent on third-party cookies to drive the digital marketing results you need.

Amanda AI evaluates all possible options and combinations and selects the best ones based on the effects they deliver. By creating a minimum of 240 customer audiences, we find your best customers and choose the most timely and targeted messaging to help you reach your goals. Leave the time-consuming work behind and let Amanda AI manage your advertising campaigns across Google (including search and shopping), Facebook and Instagram.

Integrating Amanda AI into your current marketing strategy will help you put together the right mix of paid search and social to get the most out of your marketing budget. At a time when customer acquisition costs are sky-high, this could be the difference between the success and failure of your business.

Benefits of Amanda AI

Save time

Optimizing your ads can be pretty time-consuming. And even when you invest a lot of your time into doing it, you aren’t assured of success. Get on with the million other things we know you need to do by leaving this difficult work to Amanda AI.

We’ll do all the heavy lifting, but you’ll still have complete control over defining the most important things, like budget and marketing goals.
Get better results
Amanda AI is here to improve your results and hit your KPIs. No matter If you want to drive traffic, reduce your CPA, or increase your click-through rates, we can help you hit your targets.

Our AI will go through your site, look for new content, and update your ads every day. We also match all your URLs with suitable ad copy and the most interested audience to deliver the best ads at the right time.

Measuring your goals

Getting started with Amanda AI is easy. Integrating with Google Analytics as your primary tracking method makes it simple to see the effects of switching to Amanda AI while remaining in total control of your results.


Amanda will automatically optimize the budget between the advertising platforms by letting Google and Meta work towards the same goal. Combining the upper funnel with lower-funnel channels allows our machine to work to its full potential and find the people interested in your business.

In a marketing world that’s getting more crowded by the day, it’s vital to stand out and grab attention. Amanda AI is a digital marketing AI designed from the ground up to help marketers grow their business by applying machine learning to generate over five million “what-ifs” per day. We test and evaluate every possible option for your digital campaign, so you don’t have to.

We’re powering an entirely new generation of digital marketing technology through the use of AI throughout all phases of the digital advertising process.

Automatic Ad-creation

We crawl your site and collect the content we need to create and publish millions of unique ads with automatic translations to over 60 languages. No more lost hours putting together content that you hope will connect with an audience.

Self-learning keyword generation

We capture all keywords, including the ones not on your site, like seasonal variations, and make sure you’re showing in the searches that affect your bottom line.

Continuous optimization

We evaluate all target group parameters and optimize the bidding for the advertising space up to 5 million times a day.

Cross-channel decisions

We decide how your spending should be distributed between Google, Facebook, and Instagram to achieve the best overall results. This process means you can concentrate on your core duties while Amanda AI keeps your ad spend on budget.

About Amanda AI

Amanda AI is an automated digital marketing service for creating and scaling your ads on Google, Facebook, and Instagram. We remove the hands-on work required by humans to set up, run and optimize ads online.

Founded in 2018, Amanda AI was born out of dissatisfaction with the existing digital marketing solutions available, together with a firm belief that SEM is perfect for automation.

Today we help over 300 businesses of all sizes like Gina Tricot, Superfront, Lexington, and Hertz, with their advertising on Meta, and Google (including Shopping and Search).

Adding AI to your digital advertising strategy will save time and increase cost-efficiency by removing the hands-on work needed to stay ahead of your competitors.

While Amanda AI already feels like the future, we have a range of exciting plans to expand into exciting new channels starting with Bing, Amazon, and LinkedIn in 2022 and Google’s Display and Video 360 coming in 2023.

Contact us to schedule a time for a quick demo.

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