Protect your brand on Google Ads.

Torkel Öhman - Aug. 18, 2020

You should always protect your brand and Google Ads is no exception.

  • If you are a reseller, you don’t want your competition bidding on your brand-name and taking easy conversions from your site.
  • If you are a vendor/manufacturer that have a channel strategy you want to control which resellers can use your brand name in advertisement
  • If you are a vendor/manufacturer who doesn’t sell through the channel you want to ensure that resellers aren’t using your brand name to drive traffic to other brands.

You can’t deny other companies to purchase the keyword of your brand-name, but you can make sure that they aren’t allowed to use it in their Ad copy, driving down their Quality Score and hence increasing the CPC enormously.

Fill in the “Trademark complaint form” and Google will look through your complaint, after that they will contact you with a verdict.

If your trademark is protected you will then need to fill in a Authorization form for each Google Ads account that is allowed to use your trademark in their Ads.

Link: Google Trademark Complaint Form

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