Expected clickthrough rate

Torkel Öhman - Aug. 27, 2020

One part of your Quality Score is your Expected clickthrough rate, to read more about Quality Score look at the post “What is Google Ads Quality Score”.

Expected clickthrough rate is exactly what it sounds like – a measurement on how likely your Ads are to be clicked on when shown.  

There are three different scores you can get, “Below average”, “Average” and “Above average”.

The statuses are different from your actual click through rate (CTR) since it is an estimate done by Google which doesn’t take into consideration position, extensions and other ad formats.

And this is important. Because you can have a good CTR because you are the winner the auction and your Ad is the first result – but your estimate clickthrough rate will give you an indicator if that CTR is as high as it could be.

The expected clickthrough rate is meant to be an indicator that you have irrelevant keywords, but it could also be an indicator that the keyword is linking to an irrelevant page, is shown for an irrelevant audience or that the Ad copy isn’t as good as it could be.

A few things to keep in mind

  • The evaluation is adjusted the more impressions an Ad gets, so don’t jump to any conclusions to quickly
  • The Expected clickthrough rate is based on which network is shown on, so you won’t get a penalty to include Google Seach Partners/Display network even though those have a much lower CTR
  • This is a relative metric. That means that even if you have a CTR which is through the roof, you can still end up with an eCTR that is Average or Below Average

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