Ad relevance

Ad relevance - Ad relevance measures how closely related your keyword is to your ads. - There are three possible statuses your keywords can have: Above average, average and below average - Having an "average" or "above average" status means that there are no major problems with this keyword's ad relevance when compared to all other keywords across Google Ads. - A "below average" status means that your ad or keyword may not be specific enough or that your ad group - may cover too many topics. Try creating tightly-themed ad groups by making sure that your ads are closely related to a smaller group of keywords. - Use this status to help identify keywords that might not be relevant enough to your ads to perform well. - It's possible for a keyword to have a high Quality Score and low ad relevance (or vice versa) because Google Ads looks at a number of different quality factors when determining Quality Score. Even if your overall Quality Score is high, looking at the individual factors can help you identify potential areas for improvement.

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