LH cosmetics: an influencer-built brand ready for expansion

LH cosmetics, a Swedish makeup company, kicked off a collaboration with Amanda AI to reach new customers outside its large social media following.


Back in 2016, makeup artist Linda Hallberg combined her expertise as a makeup artist with a lifelong passion for painting and turned it into a completely unique business concept – high-quality products not reserved for a specific purpose but rather multi-use cosmetics helping consumers to express themselves through makeup. Take this highly intriguing brand story, throw in the fact that Linda already had a huge following as a makeup influencer, and you’ve got a recipe for success.

LH cosmetics were off to the races, and virtually anyone who followed Linda on social media helped bump up conversion rates. But the reality of influencer-based marketing is that it only goes as far as the people that are influenced. So to pique the interest of consumers outside of Linda’s reach, they turned to Amanda AI to increase their presence in the search engines.

We have almost doubled our revenue, while using the same budget as the year before.

Johan Engström, e-commerce manager



It was not only the promise of great results that made LH cosmetics pick us. In a phase of rapid growth, they needed something that would simply work without consuming much of their time and energy. And without blowing our own trumpet for too long, that’s exactly what our automated AI-based solution does – it works, even when you’re not around.

Since LH cosmetics’ primary purpose was to reach – and retain – completely new customers, we set our algorithms to execute a well-balanced search strategy, with about 80% generic and 20% brand keywords.


After evaluating the year-long collaboration, the success is twofold. First, LH cosmetics almost doubled their revenue while using the same budget as the previous year. Second, the limited team doesn’t have to worry about its search strategy or spend a lot of time discussing it. It runs on its own, and the monthly numbers are quick to digest. Sometimes, that’s all you need from a performance partner.


You can download the case study here.

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