Kanalgratis: From YouTube to a rapidly growing e-commerce

Kanalgratis, a passion-led fishing YouTube channel and e-commerce store, incorporated strategic AI-based marketing to make the most of their current momentum.


From the very start, everything about Kanalgratis was geared toward optimization, not in the sense of digital marketing as we know it, but for a rather different purpose: fishing. That’s why its founder, Johan Ruhe, started putting videos on his first html site – to provide anyone interested with educational and entertaining content about fishing. That’s also why he created his youtube channel, which today has over 2 million monthly views.

The idea of better fishing also led him and his team to build their own e-commerce store, products, and brand. And with such a loyal following, YouTube quickly became the main channel driving traffic to their site. But it was also their only channel, as they lacked the expertise to do it themselves and the funds to hire a traditional agency.


“It really feels like we’re getting the same attention and personalized care as the big companies, even though our budget is probably tiny in comparison.”

Sara Fishgal, E-commerce manager



Kanalgratis had nothing in terms of strategy in place before our collaboration. And as an e-commerce store catering to passionate fishermen and women known to do their research, building a presence on search engines was an obvious start. This was also complemented by a performance max strategy, with a strong focus on YouTube.

Another important aspect was that Kanalgratis’ sales were directly correlated to the weather forecast (after all, fishing exposes you to the elements like nothing else). To guarantee that their money was put to the best of use, our algorithms continuously adjusted the budget according to their weather-dependent reality.



Over a year, Kanalgratis grew its digital presence tremendously, especially on Google, leading to an annual ROAS of 20,5% – and a peak season ROAS of 33,5%. What’s more, the team is able to focus on what they love and what they are best at – to create the most entertaining fishing content and the best equipment online.


You can Case Study-Kanalgratis

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