Bobbys: Increasing ROAS during a major growth phase

Bobbys, a premium hair care brand, relied on Amanda AI to greatly increase spend on google ads – while simultaneously increasing ROAS by 40%.


Since its inception in 2019, Bobbys has quickly carved out a solid position at the top of Sweden’s health and beauty industry. Today, it’s a full-fledged hair care brand with a wide range of hair products good enough to suit even the most high-end salons yet affordable enough for most homes. The products are unisex, vegan, and free from sulfates and parabens. What’s more, everything is made in Sweden.

If you think this sounds like a recipe for success – you’re absolutely right. And with the product and brand a proven success, it was time to scale up their Google ad spend substantially. So, Said Alhmidi, the company’s E-commerce manager, started working directly with Amanda AI’s team. By combining his experience and knowledge with our AI-based support, it was easier for him to increase Google ad spend without losing much-fought-for ROAS.


“There’s a lot more to Amanda AI than algorithms. The team is extremely knowledgeable and has truly gone above and beyond to support us in our expansion.”

Said Alhmidi, E-commerce Manager



In close collaboration with Bobbys, we gradually increased ad spend for both Google Search and Shopping. The idea was to, on our side, strike a suitable balance between branded and generic keywords simultaneously as Said Alhmidi and his team improved things on their side, such as implementing reviews and better imagery, as well as optimizing product descriptions – everything to help our algorithms perform at their best (crucial work that no ad spend, or AI for that matter, can replace).



After about three months of meticulous preparations, Bobbys could finally lean back and see how their paid search results grew. And it grew a lot. By actively increasing ad spend by 60% and making the necessary changes, a year later, the company witnessed 140% more transactions and 130% higher revenue – all while improving ROAS by 40%.

On top of that, a recent analysis proves that the paid search efforts are accompanied by a 211% increase in new customers. Safe to say, Bobbys success recipe is now further refined to suit the company’s future growth plans – and for that, Amanda AI will continue to be an important ingredient.


You can download the case study here.

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