Balkongrutan: finding a footing in the world of digital marketing

Balkongrutan, a local glass balcony provider, left a rough start in digital marketing behind and started a more promising collaboration with Amanda AI – based on human trust and artificial intelligence.


What started as a typical garage company has, over time, grown into an established provider of glass balconies in the local region of Mälardalen in Sweden. And since 2003, the company has successfully installed over 30.000 balconies – mostly through their focus on impeccable quality and word-of-mouth marketing.

However, with the massive societal shift toward the digital, Balkongrutan had to adopt new ways of reaching their audience. And like many other companies, they struck less-than-ideal collaborations and had to deal with all the challenges of digital marketing – unfamiliar and expensive strategies, technology-based tools, and high competition – while reaping few benefits. At this point in time, leaving it all to an AI-based software was an easy choice for Balkongrutan.

“It’s not just about the solid results, the team at Amanda AI are very transparent and honest. It feels like they’re on our side.”

Rickard Åberg, Head of sales, Balkongrutan


The mission and primary KPI was to increase the number of website visitors, which made a Google Search and Display strategy the natural first step (the trick is to become visible to those who are actually already looking for you). And since they offered a service requiring a physical presence, it was safe to make the assumption that their customers would start their search using local keywords.

This allowed Balkongrutan to make the most out of the seemingly infinite computing power of Amanda AI to filter out the trash and find the perfect, localized keywords in relation to both efficiency and price. Alongside this, a cost-efficient Meta strategy was implemented to raise brand awareness.


Even though the collaboration is still in its infancy and the company recently launched a completely new website, Balkonrutan can already see an increase in daily website visitors, which went from an average of 50 to 250.

Visitors also stay much longer on the site, which is usually a good indicator of quality leads.

Looking toward the future, establishing an efficient AI-based digital marketing strategy was initiated at the right time. As Balkongrutan expands far outside their local market – perhaps even nationwide – there’s no substitute for a proven, trustworthy marketing partner and the possibility of plowing through and optimizing up to five million keywords daily.


Download the case study for Balkongrutan here. 

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