Atea: a forty fold ROI with an AI-based search strategy

Atea, one of Northern Europe’s biggest IT-consultancy firms, collaborated with Amanda AI to enter the hardware segment — with close to a 40x ROI on their search marketing strategy.


For almost two decades, Atea has fortified their position as the market leader in IT infrastructure in the Nordics. Today it’s the obvious choice for the majority of the region’s biggest businesses and organizations.

Many of these long-standing relationships were established through years of personal contact and a built-up sense of trust as a reliable service provider. With such steadfast relationships, clients had little incentive to entertain the cumbersome thought of switching providers.

However, when the time came for Atea to expand its offering and enter the crowded but lucrative hardware segment, it was evident that personal relations alone weren’t enough. To refrain clients from finding other providers through the convenience of search engines, Atea needed to be top of search as well as top of mind.


“We’ve managed to establish a search strategy yielding almost 40x ROI — and we don’t really have to do anything.”

Peter Hadenius, Marketing Director


The digital strategy was an extension of their overall strategy: to retain existing clients and expand the agreements with their new hardware offering. And with brand awareness already in place, we could focus completely on making Atea visible when clients actively search for specific hardware products.

Here comes the twist: entering a competitive market such as technological hardware means that popular keywords will be incredibly expensive. On top of that, competitors have most likely spent years honing their content to align it with these particular words. As a newcomer, you’re faced with two options: triple your budget and enter guns blazing, or work in the periphery and grab less popular keywords. The latter is a cheaper but far more time-consuming option, which traditionally made it viable only to teams able and willing to allocate substantial manpower and effort. 

However, backed up by the tireless artificial intelligence of Amanda AI, Atea can now effortlessly make close to 200.000 optimizations daily. This enables the team to lock down keyword variations not covered by competitors but still used by existing clients searching for hardware products.



Before our collaboration, Atea relied on each product manager to individually pull together a list of promising keywords, which would be tested and evaluated monthly. The result was 4-6x ROI, excluding managers’ time and energy.

Four years later, the same strategy executed with the support of Amanda AI yields close to 40x ROI — a pretty remarkable result by anyone’s standard. But the benefits far exceed the numbers. Except for the odd meeting with our manager, it’s more or less an automated process, which leaves Atea’s product managers with more time and focuses for other crucial tasks.

Also, our AI-produced insights have indirectly provided in-depth knowledge on how the team can better develop their landing pages and content, providing a better crawl for our algorithms. It’s an automated virtuous circle that will keep bringing clients back to Atea — with almost no effort at all.

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