The Next Generation In Automation: Performance Max

Performance Max is a new type of conversion-based campaign that is designed to help you get more conversions across all Google channels such as YouTube, Display, Search, Discover, Gmail, and Maps. With Performance Max, advertisers can create a single campaign that reaches all the different types of people who are looking to buy.

As of September 2022, Smart Shopping will be completely phased out by Google and replaced by Performance Max. Here at Amanda AI, we’ve already begun to phase out Smart Shopping and all customers will soon be able to choose Performance Max as their campaign type.

Do I need a robot that optimizes an already automatic strategy like Performance Max?

Absolutely. To give Performance Max the best possible performance, you should choose audiences that Google can use to learn more about which users, keywords, and products convert best. Within Performance Max, you can work with more than 900 target groups (excluding those that you upload yourself). You can combine all 900+ target groups as you wish.

What’s Amanda AI’s job?

We help you find the best combinations of different audiences based on your products and images, texts, or videos for your ads. With Performance Max you can support up to 100 groups, each segmented in different ways (lists, visitors, and demographics), and by using Amanda AI we automate the entire process to give you the maximum effect on your advertising. 

There really is a big advantage to optimizing already automatic bid strategies. If you want to know more about how it works, watch our CTO Torkel talk about how to use already automatic bid strategies to your advantage.